Week 5 Master Key experience.

I am amazed at how continual and infinite the growth process is. Learning about myself and my habits ..good and bad. learning about the brilliant writings contained in the Master Key especially the painful LOL as within..so without. Its painful and at the exact same time encouraging.. that I am whole, perfect, strong and powerful. This path of powerful progress, growth and change is the only place I want to be, right here and right now..I am Blooming  where I am planted, and its a good thing,


Week 2 Master key mastermind alliance

All of the new learning is exciting and quite stimulating. I have always been an avid reader and seeker of knowledge and  of new and different things. I am enjoying the challenge of  using the marco polo app with my hangups of how Look.  Its a lesson in self acceptance, and thats a good thing. When I was trying to get in and I watched to videos of the people on the beach and they kept saying life changing ..I am starting to get the drift. The formula for change put together by Mark, Davene and their crew is magical. As I read and absorb the master key, the greatest salesman, The DMP, the blueprint builder, the index cards and do it now…on and on.. the cement is falling away! yay.